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WCE Taiping Selatan Toll Plaza (Southbound) with 400kW DC is now live!

Just in time for the Raya Aidiladha weekend, DC Handal has switched on its 400kW DC Charging hub on WCE Taiping Selatan Toll Plaza (Southbound). These ultra-fast Kempower DC chargers cost RM1.50 per kWh and you can tap and pay using your credit/debit card. Article from: https://www.facebook.com/mysoyacincau/posts/pfbid0218oUSuZEyC8MCT4mrCaiWogJmeNJjCXB5c6XEgyDzVdZhqX4Bd3GyX22bEvB5fE6l

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DC Handal Kempower 400kW Liquid-Cooled DCFC At WCE Taiping Now LIVE – RM1.50/kWh

DC Handal’s latest DC Charging Hub on the West Coast Highway (WCE) near the Taiping Selatan Toll Plaza is now LIVE just in time for the Hari Raya Aidiladha travel season Based on details on the ChargEV app and the Kempower unit, the arrangement at Taiping Selatan Toll Plaza will have a single 400 kW…

JPO news (SoyaCincau)-Featured Image

DC Handal deploys 200kW Kempower DC Charger at Johor Premium Outlets

DC Handal has been pretty busy in the past week as they have switched on multiple EV charging locationsin Peninsular Malaysia. Besides WCE Assam Jawa Toll Plaza, Hentian Gua Musang and IOI City Mall, the charge point operator has also deployed a 200kW DC charging site at Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) in Kulai. DC Handal’s Johor Premium Outlets location features a…

IOI City Mall Featured Images

DC Handal deploys 8 EV charge points at IOI City Mall, priced from RM1.00 per kWh

During Raya, DC Handal has turned on one of its largest EV charging hubs located at IOI City Mall. This shopping mall location now gets an additional 8 new EV charge points and it’s also the first DC Handal site that offers AC charging. DC Handal deploys 6 DC and 2 AC charge points at IOI City Mall For this…

DC Handal DCFCs @ JPO And IOI City Mall Activated – 61 EVCB Now LIVE

Just in time for the Hari Raya celebration, the folks at DC Handal were able to expedite the activation of their EV charging stations at Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) and IOI City Mall Putrajaya, which is ideal for those travelling down south or back. Down south, DC Handal’s JPO EV Charging station houses a quad-satellite configuration Kempower DCFC with…

Caricarz- Gua Musang Featured Images

DC Handal 47 kW DCFC @ Gua Musang RnR – RM1.30/kWh

EV users heading east-ward to Kelantan from the Klang Valley can now use the shorter Gua Musang route thanks to DC Handal. The charging point operator has a new DCFC station, strategically located at the Gua Musang rest area, that’s now operational. This facility’s activation is timely too – it’s now live ahead of the forthcoming…