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The Mercedes-Benz EQE 500 SUV’s charging experience with DC Handal.

Finally reached Desaru with 19% battery remaining after driving more than 6 hours from KL. Covered a total distance of 395km with efficiency of 19.9kWh per 100km. Was expecting better efficiency as the real world range from this trip would be about 487km instead of the advertised 552km on a single charge. The Mercedes-Benz EQE…


The Mercedes -Benz EQE SUV uses a 400V battery architecture – uses lesser time to achieve fast charging!

The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV uses a 400V battery architecture. It took 37 minutes to charge from 19-80% (59.99kWh). The EV peaked at 109kW on DC Handal’s 200kW DC charger (Max:120kW for 400V, 180kW for 800V).


DC Handal – new CPO in Malaysia, no app needed!

If you drive an electric vehicle in Malaysia, quick, how many apps do you regularly use just to charge your EV? Me, I use six on a regular basis, but have no less than 15 charging-related apps installed on my phone to cover all bases. No matter how you look at it, that’s just way,…

DC deploys 50kW at Gelugor

DC Handal deploys 50kW DC charger at Gelugor, Penang. RM1.30 per kWh

If you’re driving an EV to Penang, there’s a new DC Charging location at Gelugor, Penang. DC Handal has deployed a 50kW Kempower DC Charger with two CCS2 nozzles at Udini Square’s covered carpark. Located right next to Lotus’s E-Gate, the charging station is quite strategic and it is just a few minutes away from the Penang Bridge.  The 50kW DC Charger at…

The Pines Melaka Cover Photo

DC Handal Opens Fastest DCFC At Bandar Melaka – 100kW!

DC Handal just deployed a Kempower DC fast charging (DFCF) facility at The Pines Melaka, which is located along Jalan Tun Sri Lanang of Bandar Melaka. To cap off the year on a high note, the firm’s latest facility now stands as the fastest DCFC in Bandar Melaka. According to an insider of ours, this…

Desaru deploys 200kW

DC Handal deploys 200kW DC Charger at Desaru Coast Riverside, Johor

If you’re driving an EV to Desaru in Johor, there’s now a brand new EV charger that can provide a very quick battery top-up. DC Handal has deployed a 200kW Kempower DC charger with dynamic power sharing located at Desaru Coast Riverside. The deployed charger is a standalone Kempower DC charging unit that has two CCS2 nozzles. It has a maximum charging…